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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ghostbar at the Palms las Vegas


Ghostbar is 55 floors above the Vegas Strip

Sitting high atop the Vegas Strip, the Ghostbar reinvents high class nightclubs.
Frequently visited by celebrity clientele, the innovative d├ęcor creates an exclusive ambiance unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The dramatic outdoor sky deck offers close to 300-degree view of the glittering strip and glass insets in the floors provides a captivating view below.

This is one of our blogs we are offering For Sale to the Palms Casino Las Vegas NV. 
It is also For Sale to the first buyer after a grace period offer to the Palms.

These Vegas Blogs were designed to promote singers/bands and other entertainment we had onboard or were acquainted with.  If you are a promoter in Las Vegas then it is wise to purchase some or all of our casino and nightclub Blogs.

PRICE $12500.00

EMAIL:  info@ice1llc.com